Spare wheel carrier

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Spare wheel carrier

Post by daneinter »

Reversed out of my carparking space today and had a strange noise from the rear, when I looked the spare was dragging along the ground. The wind up bracket has siezed and the strap I put there has bust with all the bouncing. Has anyone ever found a good mod to sort this area. I remember years ago pulling a spare from the carrier and nearly half the wheel had rusted away. Great idea to save the boot being pulled out in the event of a puncture but its so exposed here...any ideas?

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Post by sleepy0905 »

the hook and thread should be ok as it was well greased although I may have screwed it up tight as there was no wheel in the carrier as the 16V alloys with a 195 tyre wont fit in it try holding the hook with some pliars and get someone to undo it.
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that reminds me my spare is flat as a pankake! (noticed today when under there!!)

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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

I have a spare unused 165 steel wheel for a 16v complete with spacers if anyone wants to buy it? Can bring to the CCC if needs be.