European breakdown cover??

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European breakdown cover??

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Hi folks, just looking into european cover for taking the BX to france this summer, I have always managed without it but what do you guys think?/pay for yours?
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tim leech

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I pay £80 a year or so for me and the old dear, far cheaper than a tow home and its peace of mind for £7 a month!

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Cheers Jon, that'll prove useful for when i go to France in September. My lass thinks we're going in the 2cv but i'm feeling a trip in the TZD would be more relaxing!
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Post by charlie »

i've been with, First Call GB Ltd, for three years now.......

just about to renew for another year for the grand price of £76.95......

this includes....

european cover..

assistance at home...

recovery to your home..

cover for any insured driver..

the colour is....
guiness white..........


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charlie wrote:i've been with, First Call GB Ltd,
I Use GEM Motoring Asistance and pay a not entirely dissimmilar amount for the same sor of cover.
Where GEM differ is that you stump up for the repairs / tow - then claim the money back afterwards. Used them twice and never had an issue / problem with it.

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My dad and i get our insurance together on his policy and pay halves, so the AX and the BX cost just under £90 and include european breakdown responce. Not bad but it gets better! Not sure how it came about, but they have a note on the policy file that if i request a flat bed they simply send it and dont even ask whats broken, something to do with the first time it broke and it needed trailering home (accelerator pedal snapped clean off!) and they really screwed up and it took 4 hours to get the car the distance of a 20 minute bus journey and that was after the first guy arrived!

Anyways, the insurance is with Boncaster Ltd, Mechanical Breakdown Dept, they franchise out to other companies and so far (in 6 break downs in 3 years) the longest they have taken for the first vehicle to arrive is 45minutes, and they are always exemplary in service!

Best one was the guy that came from Mercedes, he put a seat protector and latex gloves on before driving the car onto the back of the van, maybe he just knew how bad the car would be on the inside :D