Turbodiesel Radiators

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Turbodiesel Radiators

Post by tom »

As Jon has recently found out to his cost, the Tizzydee, being hairier than your average BX tends to suffer from furballs in the radiator over time. Discussions with Peter Mould over the last couple of years suggests that these are definitely lifed at 100,000 miles. Mine is at 160,000 and therefore on borrowed time. The rad being rather dear, has anybody experience of having them recored? If there is a company that could do the work, could we twist their arm for a club discount, even? I reckon that we would be well advised to find out.

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Post by cavmad »

I know a chap who owns a radiator company about ten or twelve miles from here, can have a word if it would help and report back with any costs etc? I don`t think postage would be too prohibitive, Parcel Force would charge around £12-£13 as long as packed up properly.
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Post by AndersDK »

Hi Tom -

I tried to make Nissens (I live some 10 miles from their main DK factory) recore my turbo rad as they have a recore service locally. But they refused. Never found out why. The guy I spoked to said they did not recore rad's with that kind of clamped-on side tanks.
I was vere suspecious though that he wanted to move one out from his stock - as the turnover on these types are very low these days :roll:
The new rad cost me £190 (incl vat).

I'd say that any of your local plumbers in rad business could do the job. There really is nothing special to the rad. Its got plastic side tanks clamped on - just like any rad you see around on cars.

Its the side tanks that are special :idea:
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Post by jeremy »

Anders - I'm sure the problem with re-coring is the problem between an aluminium radiator and a traditionsl one with brass header tanks and a copper (or in the case of Ford steel) core. No doubt a specialist will be found eventually who can make up new similar rads when the stock of the real ones runs out.

My own on my BX TD started leaking from a tube at about 190,000miles but if someone told me the thing had been replaced before I got the car I would believe them.