Cleaning of plastic bodywork

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Post by DLM »

"The quik clay is amazing for getting sap and tar off"

I bought a couple of packs of the Halfords equivalent a couple of years ago and have found them invaluable for "those stubborn stains".
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interesting you say the new megs range blows the autoglym away! have heard reports from many people about the new commercial range! Most havce gone back to the old kit! (and these are hardened detailers!) but its muchly how your using it that makes the difference!

the clays are good but you can get better clay a little cheaper through some of the more specific cleaning shops! as with all things the clays come in various grades! fine to extra course etc! just make sure you use PLENTY of clay lube with it! other wise you can scrape the clear coat of your paint far too easily!

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