windows and door locks

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windows and door locks

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my nearside rear widow no longer opperates,it is currently closed and i have removed door trim,
motor can be seen to try to contiue to raise window when the switch is operated and also appears to be trying to open the window when the swith is opperated in opening diorection.
i have undone three nuts holding the motor to the door but i am cannot get the motor off,
offside central locking has also failed ,i have removed this .do i test by connectig to 12v supply?
any advice on the above problems would be appreciated.

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Post by AndersDK »

BX window mechanism usually only jams somewhere between full open and full closed travel.
I think you have a burnt out control switch which wont allow the required current passing on to power the motor. Thats a very common problem with these rocker switches.

For now you can connect the window motor directly to a homemade power chord from the battery. But for your own safety against a fire hazard you must include an in-line fuse (30Amp to drive the motor).
If you dont include the fuse and mess op the chord introducing a short - you will instantly know - the very hard and unfortunate way - why you should have put in a fuse first place :evil:

Once you have insured the window mechanism and motor is working - you can connect 2 (changeover) relays as polarity changer for the winder motor - the relays being controlled by the rocker switch. That will extend the life of the switch to go with the rest of the car.
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Post by jeremy »

What has happened to the centrral locking? - Are the doors totally dead - or does it unlock but not lock or what does happen (or not)

Generic lock motors fit - seem to be 2 types - 2 wire for unswitched doors like back ones and 5 wires for switched doors like fronts. Maplins ones bolt straight in! (or did when I used one)

If you have a plip control - the nearside front door will be dead (ie key will not activate the system. This is intentional as the plip is connected to the terminal on the controller unit used by the NS door on non-plip installations.

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windows and door locks -- fixed

Post by bill o »

thanks for the advice ,before i had a chance to read your replies,i swopped the rear switches over and the problem transferred to the other window,so as you advised the problem was with the switch.i was able to dismantle and clean it and it is now working ok.

the door lock problem was one failed unit and i obtained a s/h one from a brekers yard,its now fitted and all works ok.