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Vanny is right -

The "J" code letter found on (almost) all standard steel rims is the the tyre bead profile on the rim. It has nothing to do with the rim or tyre size/width.
The "B" profile is not used anymore - except on alloys.
The "SMR" or "SHR" code is actually a blurred "365" code - like Vanny refers to.

Chris Longhurst goes (very !) deep into details on this subject on his own tyre site :
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I stand corrected and apologise, I always thought the `J` was a width reference.
Should have paid more attention in class, you wouldn`t think I spent about 7 years as a tyre fitter/repairer would you? :lol:
In mitigation though it was nearly all commercial tyre fitting so I wouldn`t have noticed the `J` factor.
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