Smoke, sticking struts & bumpy ride

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Smoke, sticking struts & bumpy ride

Post by Khyber »

Afternoon all,

I have just purchased a BX with a friend & have the welcome introduction to the sticking struts and bumpy ride, which I'm hoping can be fixed by removing the two pipes on the strut & refilling with LHM as detailed in the BX DIY section, many thanks for that tip.

Does this quick fix last or will I eventually need to spend loads replacing components?

The other thing is, on the way home after a short stint on the motorway testing the 1.6 engine out when stopping at traffic lights I noticed a strange smelling smoke coming from the drivers side wheel arch. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

I've yet to have a closer inspection, as time didn't allow, but the smoke stopped and I continued on with my journey.

I will have a closer look in due course, but want to know what I could be letting myself in for.

We are planning on driving the car to Rome in October and would prefer it, if it got us there with suspension & brakes intact.

Any advice would be very helpfull, cheers.
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Post by cavmad »

Welcome along Khyber, I wonder if the strange smelling smoke is something that`s leaked (LHM?) onto a hot pipe or part of the engine? Possibly worth starting the car up and leaving the bonnet open until it reaches a good temperature then see if you can spot anything leaking?
Struts may eventually want replacement but there`s guidance on here how to do so and whilst I`ve not done it myself I don`t believe it`s too difficult.
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Post by M »

The strange smelling smoke to me sounds like a sticky brake calliper - causing the brake pads to overheat.

The struts can be lubed by both the return pipe method and the greasy towel but if they are badly worn replacement is really the only option. Excerise by doing the CitAerobics and see if they improve.

I would also Hydraflush the system (will cost you about a tenner) and get any crud out of the hydraulic system. The spheres may well warrant replacing too if the ride is especially hard. Again, not particulaly expensive and covered in the DIY section.
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Post by Barnsley BXer »

Burning smell=sticking break caliper,I would have thought.For some strange reason drivers side seems to stick more than passenger ones :shock:
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Post by Khyber »

Ah, a sticking brake caliper, that could be the one, if it was stuck on whilst I was doing motorway speed that would result in some serious smoke on stopping, good effort..

regarding the spheres, the front two have been replaced recently, but with further reading in the forum, I have noticed there was a hissing type noise, which apparantly is the accumulator. Apparantly a £20 odd part I am told?

I'll give the quick fixes a go, before replacing the struts.
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Post by tom »

Assuming that all is clean before you start, the strut cure is farly long term. Repeat six monthly. The sticking brake caliper (for it is that) may respond to strip and clean; it may not. Read your haynes or Russek manual on that one.
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Post by Khyber »

Some great advice there, cheers all.

I'll let you know how it all pans out.
Stewart (oily!)
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Welcome to the forum Khyber, Yuor dragging brake could be caused by a damaged handbrake cable, the outer part sometimes breaks causing just the symptoms you describe.
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