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Re: Cable

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Geoffrey Gould wrote:Thanks DLM I tried very hard to shift the cable when the speedo was out for bulbs and things also when the glove box was out to replace the fuse board (burnt) it did not want to move at all, I could feel the cable actually stretching as opposed to moving. I guess leaving the old one in place may well be an option, there sure as hell dosnt seem to be much room in there.
Hhmm, since I have a nice black dash to go in then that would be the best time to remove the cable! Really must crack on with that............ :oops:

My TD had a wobbly speedo, changed the head and the upper cable but still the same. Having changed the bottom cable for a 16v cable (new, they are longer) it's bl**dy spot on, and accurate so yep, the bottom ones do give up after a while!
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