Strut problem?

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Strut problem?

Post by ed4ferrets »

Wiser heads than mine needed please :roll: . Went over a speed bump with o/s only and it seemed the suspension banged straight through without any damping effect :shock:. This was at slow speed which BX's don't normally even react to, so I'm really puzzled. Pushing down on both sides gets the normal bounce so there's no difference when stationary :?
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Post by tom »

Swap the spheres from one side to the other. It could be that the sphere's damping valve has gone u/s.
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Post by adamskibx »

Or if it was a one off and the car generally rides and handles well, then it could simply have bottomed out the strut, which is a painfull experience for those of us with mechanical sympathy. Ive done this on my car before, so if I dont brake in time for a massive bump I always panic.
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Post by ed4ferrets »

Cheers Tom, will try that ......... quite an eye opener it was, like driving my old Renault, rattle rattle bang bang :?

Definitely not a one off unfortunately Adamski and 'bottomed out' is a perfect description of the feeling :shock:
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Post by RobC »

mine often bottoms out... i think the front suspension's riding a little low. horrible when it happens, especially when you're going fast!
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Post by mnde »

Mine never bottoms at the front, but it's quite easy to get it to bottom out at the rear, coming down off a regular speed bump at about 30-35 mph... whereas it's impossible on the GSA because the suspension feels far more inter-connected, if that makes sense.

An underdamped rear: I'm wondering whether I have the right spheres on there, or whether it's the damping valves.