Central Locking locking itself

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Central Locking locking itself

Post by AdamH »

My bx has started locking the doors on central locking after a few minutes of driving, and even if you pull the door lock back up it instantly re locks, but seems fine once I have turned the engine off.

Has anyone else had this before?

Anyone have any clues on how to solve?

Is my car haunted?
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Post by jeremy »

I had instant unlocking which was a failed passenger door lock motor.

Could be the key switch - make sure its properly disengaged - ie the key slot is vertical when the key is removed - as it all gets a bit sloppy with age. Otherwise hunt for loose or dirty connections first then suspect the door / wing looms - pushing and pulling may effect a temporary cure and help locate it.

Are you locking it with a key or the plip? Do you have a plip - if not try using the passenger door lock and see if there is any difference.
tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Modern cars have this feature as a safety devise again car jackers! You see Citroen was pioneers even in the 80s! :D
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Post by Vanny »

my alarm has this inbuilt as well, locks the door after a minute of getting in, and opens the doors when i take the key out. I like the idea but i know i'ts going to eat the keys one day!
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Post by Cornishbx16v »

mine does that too vanny! have had the car locked the keys in when the cars been run up outside once or twice! but always when the house has been open so i can get the spares!!!:D

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Post by saint gaz »

Does sound like a door lock motor. I had the same a few years ago found it to be the passenger side door lock motor to have gone faulty.