Goldfish Bowls in my car!

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Goldfish Bowls in my car!

Post by pinfold »

Cleaned out the car at the weekend and noticed that two rear footwells are full of water!

Dont think there was enough water generated from when my window got smashed a few weeks back, and dont know how that could fill both footwells anyway. so does anyone have any ideas?

oh this is in the 16v which has a sunroof, which is more than likely the culprit, but not sure how it can work its way in.

Are there any drainholes that might be blocked!

any ideas appreciated ats at this rate i will need some food and a filter soon :roll:

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Post by jeremy »

Sunroof drains into its frame and then down drain tubes - emerging around therear lights and the front screen pillars. Sounds like the drains are blocked - many threads on here dealing with cleaning.

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Post by Toddman »

Hi pinfold
Do a search on the old 16v forum or follow the database link on the mainsite and you will fimnd lots of discussion about this problem and various ways of approaching it.

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