Quality Chain Wrenches going cheap on eBay

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Quality Chain Wrenches going cheap on eBay

Post by ellevie »

There's a couple of quality chain wrenches going cheaply on eBay at the moment. They are chrome vanadium with 12 inch handles and very chunky 15 inch chains.

The links are 28mm long by 12mm wide at the widest part by 2mm thick (4x2=8mm) and are held together by 5mm diameter 18mm long protruding pins.

This is the Record 240 Irwin Handiwrench with a list price is about £35 which is usually available at discount of about £25 from cromwell.co.uk and others.

eBay Item number:190028143164 99p + £5 postage
eBay Item number:190028142948 99p + £5 postage

Also eBay Item number: 200025294634 £12.99 buy it now + unspecified postage

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