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The back ones are at the very rear corners of the sunroof opening - if you remove the sunroof glass and shine a torch to the back you can see them. I used a flexible bit of electric cable from the bottom of my rear ones and pushed it up until it appeared in the roof, then used compressed air to follow and make sure they were clear. Vacuumed the whole roof area out with a long, thin extension, poured loads of hot (to clean/kill mould) water into the channels and watched it flow out the back corners of the car. Haven't had a drop of water in it since and that was 3 years ago. Prior to that everytime we had a rain storm, the whole rear seat area filled up, under the seat as well. I got tired of taking the carpet out, insulation out, popping out the floor plugs to drain it all....and two weeks later redoing the whole thing. Never had a problem with the fronts as when parked, the rear drops first and water tends to flow to the back - unless you park on a hill with front downhill...
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In answer to Vanny's question, not got the foggiest why it goes from one pillar to the other, rust holes? I dont think i want to look. If the tray theory is correct, it could overspil at any side & flood out anywhere, probably came out of the speaker as that was the easiest route for the water to get out due to air pressure?

Or perhaps a neat citroen drain hole disguised as a speaker for aesthetic reasons, certainly wasnt for sound.... got some lovely 6x9's in the rear parcel shelf....