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Anything about BXs
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Good Man :)
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I like them both equally. There are pretty different really, Xantia is larger, heavier and was aimed at 'large family car' sector..a move up market from BX which spanned small family and large family in size and engine options. The ZX kind of took over from the bottom end (and sporting end) of BX line up. I don't see why Xantia's shouldn't last if cared for like we care for our BX's. Some Xantia have 4 spheres (5 inc accumulator) like the BX.
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bernie wrote:Well I like both in different ways, so I went out today and bought another BX.
Well I like Sex and I like the Xantia too, but sex with the Mrs is cheaper and less grief than buying another one (car).
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I think we all like sex Marty :shock:
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