non return valve in fuel system?

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non return valve in fuel system?

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fitted new glow plugs to the new steed yesterday but starting still a problem relay and voltages are spot on , so is there a non return valve in the system or is it just a case of checking connections ? i will get a filter on the way home it may just be a duff seal any ideas
its a roto-diesel head by the way.
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You may have a leak in your fuel supply which is allowing air into the system and fuel to drain back to the tank. Try priming it a few times before starting with the primer on the fuel filter head. If it pumps up a few times and feels hard, then try starting it. If that is the problem, could be the fuel preheater on the back of the block is leaking - just bypass it completely with the fuel supply line from the tank directly to the inlet of the filter. I did that to mine, and it starts perfectly now. I also added a primer bulb (from a marine shop) into the fuel line before the filter on my turbo diesel as the Roto Diesel one on the filter wasn't priming the engine up - I suspect a hole in the diaphragm on it.
Also check your injector spill off lines - good idea to replace these as well - they are only a couple of pounds for a kit. Lastly, try a piece of clear fuel line between the injector pump and filter - that will tell you if you are getting air into the system - they don' like air!!
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