Back on road resto

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Back on road resto

Post by OwenS »

As my BX has been returned to the road Im thinking of doing the following:
replace exhaust,
tyres as their getting closer to legal limit,
fix small oil leak,
flush radiator, replace fan switch, thermostat, hoses and refill with Citroen Antigel,
tune (?),
through rustproofing,
fix struts (poss replace),
fit spoiler,
re-fit glovebox lid.
Will hopefully make a decent car as its already had spheres, accumulator, hydraflush, fresh LHM, pipes, cambelt, rear exhaust, fuel lines, ignition and service.
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Mike E (uk)
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Don't replace the thermo switch and thermostat unless you think they are faulty, there is no point. Engine should heat up fast and sit at 90 degrees C.
Flushing rad is a very good idea, replace the hoses that look tired.
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Post by tom »

Replace the thermoswitch! They have a known tendency to cut in at ever higher temperatures as they age, be warned.