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My favourite trick in a BX is when I`m going to work. If I get tailgated (usually by drivers of German cars) down a fairly narrow lane I use then I slow down a bit. At the end of the road it splits into 3 lanes at a large junction near the motorway. It`s here that I get into the left hand lane and look disinterested sitting at the lights. Then when they go green I give it plenty of right foot and by the time I`ve turned off a few hundred yards up they haven`t caught me.
It`s very funny and very therapeutic to watch them come screaming past me once I`ve turned off because they have a point to prove, even funnier is the fact that a fair few of them are big cheeses where I work :lol:
My old estate was the best for this, 1.9 litres of n/a diesel `power` against £20-£30k`s worth of ponce mobile and I win!
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Philip chidlow wrote:Owen, you'd be surprised. It scored well in a 'government league table' for driver survival rates (that is involved in a collision resulting in driver injury). Scored 'average' in its class, beating the Mercedes 190, Pug 405, Renault 21, Toyota Carina, BMW 3-series ('93-00) and Ford Sierra amongst others. In fact the BX came out better than the Toyota RAV4 and the Vauxhall Carlton.

But just to be on the safe side, don't hit anything. Especially a 1991 Mercedes 'S' class. :lol: That scored safest... And I used to have one (miss it now! :cry: )
Well that suprised me!!!! I think an S class Merc is capable of demolishing most other cars! :lol:
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Thats because it's built like a tank, using left over Sherman parts.
So it weighs 300tonnes and has lots of power, it's still bland, wheres the rattly dash board, the leaky sunroof, the green blood on the driveway? :D

You wont find a merc s internet forum since they rarley go wrong, wheres the fun in that? I've met some brill people on here, not so for the tank drivers.
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