All 4 spheres went suddenly!

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And only strike it ONCE smartly. Repeated blows will create numerous new seats - all overlapping and leaking like a sieve.
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Kitch wrote:
jeremy wrote:No gas in the spheres = no suspension movement - so I should imagine that yours have reached that stage where they have nearly collapsed - and when you undo them they will spray about 1/2 litre of LHM over your neighbours car!
Si's neighbours car was too far away. It got me and him instead :evil:
Hehe... when my friend and I changed the front spheres on the Italian BX it felt like we were in an operating theatre. As they unscrewed, each seeped yellow/green LHM everywhere - needing plenty of "swabs" to mop it all up - and when they were finally off, it was as though we'd severed a main artery - "there she blows!" ... with one sphere I managed to get my mate in the eye, the underside of the bonnet, my own face and eventually got it pointing towards the neighbours garden where it continued to spurt fluid several feet!! Very messy, but we were in hysterics :lol: