Turbo Diesel start up problem

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Turbo Diesel start up problem

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Since I changed the head my TZD will not start on all cylinders from cold. After about 30 secs during which time it puffs out unburnt fuel, it all clears and runs smoothly, No other problems,it still reaches at least over 90 and doesn't overheat either at speed or idling in traffic. The glowplugs are from the other head which were renewed a few months ago . Is there any way of testing them? Any ideas ?
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Ian - go to Frenchcarforum.co.uk type in diesel starting problems on the search engine and look for posts by a chap called Dave Burns - it will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about why your TD can be a 'mare to start.
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Glowplugs are simple to test. Take lead off each one and test with a meter - resistance between terminal on top and engine. Should be about 1 ohm as they take 10 - 12 amps each.

No meter - use a bulb. If they fail they will go open circuit.

These engines will start on 2 cylinders in reasonable weather without problems but are smokey and hesitant.

If you change them screw them in by hand before using a spanner - and they don't have to be very tight - Haynes state 16 lb ft. If you feed them in in a socket or box spanner you risk cross threading them - and I had one on my TD when I got it - fortunately not too bad as the thing had jammed partly out and I was able to find enough thread to get a new one in.
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I just hold them in a jump lead and flash the contact post onto a battery, if its not smoking in three seconds its a dud, your problem could be an air leak in the fuel system if the glowplugs turn out ok.
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