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I've never owned a BX but I've driven two (three if you count the test-drive of that Mk 1 on Ebay).

When I lived in Bromley I used to use a Citroen specialist in Chelsfield - he was miles away from anywhere so he had loads of courtesy cars as there was no other way to get to him! The first was a black Meteor, on which none of the instruments worked and it felt slower than the GSA I'd taken into the garage. It ponged inside, too - fag smoke and labradors, I reckon.

The second was quicker, maybe 19TRS? Automatic, and even mankier than the Meteor. It rained the whole time I had it, and slid about everywhere on its no-namo brand Korean tyres. First time I put petrol in the seal on the tank fell off and into the tank, so the flap flapped about all the time!

I reckon his courtesy cars were cars which people had brought in to be fixed and not been worth the money for the repair, so he'd just kept them and used them until the T&T ran out.
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Post by DavidRutherford »

Three for me: a MK1 19RD, about 8 years ago. I had for about a week, as I was made an offer I couldn't refuse.
And two I have now: an '85 BX 19 GT DIGIT, and an '89 BX 19 DTR.

Bizzarely, so far, I've yet to spend any money buying a BX. (or, in fact, ANY citroen at all.)
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