Pheonix from the flames? The TD Auto rebuild (in colour!!)

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Post by cavmad »

Hat`s off Chris, you`re a legend mate. I`ve looked forward to every `episode` of your restoration and you`ve been an inspiration to people like myself who`ve never had the bottle (or skill!) to do something like this.
If there were a `BX-er of the year` award mate you`d be well worthy of it.
Congrats from me Doc!
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If there were a `BX-er of the year` award mate you`d be well worthy of it.
Here here old boy! beers ~ale~ Your old man must be as chuffed as a chuffed thing!

Whats next mate???
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Post by Bxaholic »

Very impressive, congrats on undertaking and completing a task only rare few would have undertaken, a moral victory over the twats who vandalised it in the first place.
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Bxaholic wrote:Very impressive, congrats on undertaking and completing a task only rare few would have undertaken, a moral victory over the twats who vandalised it in the first place.
I fully agree .Well done Chris ^^bx> drunk
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Well done chris i take my hat off to you. :D
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Post by docchevron »

BX Bandit wrote: Whats next mate???
:oops: :oops: Thanks all!

I had no idea how far we needed to go with it when we retrieved it to Stroud and just kinda, kept going! Turned out alright in the end though, and indeed it sticks two very large fingers up to the scumbags who have no regard for other peeps property.

Got a few little bits left to do that will get done next weekend and then dad will have his car back good as new (ish :wink: ), locked away in a garage so hopefully this wont happen again!

Whats next? Well, Full service, cambelt and rust proofing the valver.
Full service, rust proofing and polishing the TD.

Then operation coach will begin (aim to have her on the road for May)

Then next summer, spray the TD, build even more ridiculus engine for it (! :shock: :D ) (I'm begining to think 2.1TD, Hi lift cam, Garrett T3 water cooled turbo etc ????),
end of summer, start ground up rebuild on the ambulance.

Oh, and sometime over the winter I've got a clutch and front suspension overhaul to do on Smiffys CX Turbo, and our forklift truck needs overhauling.

So not much really!

Chris G
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Post by tom »

Congratulations to you both for a most amazing and dedicated restoration.
I am amazed at how quickly it has come together. One day, BXs will be restored and shown off in magazines But I am sure that yours will have been the very first to have been subjected to such a comprehensive and well engineered rebuild.

Oscar! Order of the Green Sphere with crossed spanners all round to these fine BXers.

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Post by Way2go »

cavmad wrote: If there were a `BX-er of the year` award mate you`d be well worthy of it.
Perhaps Jon will create the title O keeper of the site goat! I think we should go one step further and make him Extraordinary BX-ER of the Year! :D
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

Absolutely! =D>
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Post by DLM »

And its well done from me too... great to see a job done well and with such obvious enthusiasm and dedication.

Doc - if you require a BX front valance or BX hatch rear valance (i.e. the vertical panels at the front and rear for any future non-profit rebuild then I'll gladly donate them to the cause. I've only just remembered that I've them sitting in a shed in Southampton - a case of out of sight, out of mind. Got a passenger's front door skin and a couple of odd exhausts too.

In my winter torpor I haven't even got round to fitting the mirror you kindly donated 3 weeks ago, or sorting out the asthmatic wheeze my PR has reverted to making despite a new accumulator, but my excuse is that I've been having my flat rebuilt around me over that time. I even feel optimistic about the prospects of doing something to the underbody on my 17TZD turbo estate after seeing what you did to your dad's car - and that's saying something...
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Post by Ian_Fearn »

i've kept quiet on this topic so far as i'm utterly speechless! Still am but WELL DONE!!
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Post by BCXM »

I've told talked about this to a few people who all agree that is some feat of arms and a car well worth saving..well done
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Post by roscoe »

Amen to all the above from me too Doc. I'm still amazed you managed to (completely) rebuild a BX faster than I could dismantle one :oops: That is one seriously good looking car now and probably fair to say a lot better than it was before the toe rags got to it - congratulations on a job extremely well done1
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