Reluctant Struts

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Reluctant Struts

Post by Way2go »

Suspension has always responded well but today the back rose but the front did not even when raising revs above idle. Selected intermediate height and she rose and remained OK when height put back to normal. This happened a couple of days ago too but no nasty red fault lights then or now.
What do you think guys? Is it just a sticking heght corrector linkage or something else? :? The front height corrector itself was replaced with a new one 3 years ago.
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Post by jeremy »

Definitely front height corrector linkage sticking somewhere. Lubrication will probably solve the problem - grease, chainsaw oil (hangs around better than engine oil), brushes, spray grease etc.)
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Post by Jaba »

Might also be worth checking the adjustment at the front end of the height control rod. Should have a gap of 4mm IIRC at normal height setting.
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