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I agree with what's been said earlier, that they're either good or bad. We've had two really good ones here and one bad one.

If I had to have a petrol one again and it has to have PAS I'd go for a 1.6i, had one once and it was very responsive and a bit more economical than the 16 carb.

The petrol ones always seem to ride and drive better than the diesels, but I can put up with that in exchange for the economy.

If you fancy a diesel auto? my mate shaun will soon have another one for sale.(thats if he can find another tree to put the engine in with) :lol:
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adamskibx wrote:Aha. I did a google search for a 1.4i, and it came up with this:


Its listed in there, and im 99% sure ive seen one, in Portsmouth, in RHD.
Im pretty sure that is just a list of the engines availible for the BX range worldwide. I've got the BX range brochures from 1990 to 1994 on my computer and from 92 on there are no BX14's listed; the range starts with the 16. BX14i were availible in mainland europe however, as was the BX14 estate. The only models I've seen with engine badging on front wings are 1.6i usually around k through to l reg.
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Oh right, I must be getting it mixed up with the 1.6i then I reckon.

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my meteor has 1.9d badges on the front wings which i have never seen before, are these rare?