Brake Piston Problem

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Brake Piston Problem

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Hi all,
I have a problem with a front disk brake that sticks on now and again. The steering wheel starts to judder and the whole car shakes at all speeds. I think that the Piston is sticking, is it possible to remove, clean and replace it without damaging the seal? :(
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Post by jeremy »

Its more likely to be the sliders on the brake that have worn and are causing it to stick. The caliper should slide under finger pressure - but if the bearings are breaking up it may stick under load. Lubrication may help but is probbaly at best a short term cure.

Make sure the handbrake is releasing fully and freely.
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There are a number of possibilities in that area, firtly check that the handbrake cable is in good condition, then remove the brake pads and check that the sliders are free, lubricate and clean them if not, it is also possible to remove the rubber cover from the back of the caliper (its just held on by a wire clip) and lubricate the internal mechanism, I believe gearbox oil is suitable. If none of the above then locate another caliper.
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