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I've not yet found any 'spare' looms in my BX which is a shame but I'll just have to run some extra wires. I'll have to check. Did you say its all in the passenger door? cos theres nowt in the drivers.....
I also have my eyes on an aircon kit which will be a bit of fun. I'm sure some of you guys have done it - I know Docchev is going to do one too. I'll start a new thred for the air con...hold on....................
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The reference to the passenger door is due to the confusion in diagram V111 in haynes. This has partially been converted to RHD from the original French - but the controller is described as being for the left door or something.

It should of course be on the Right door.

The one touch window was introduced on TZD some time in or after 1990. My 89 DTR Turbo doesn't have it - Tom's TZD Turbo which is K reg does. My 89 16 Valve does have it.