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Your strut may be stiff due to its internals being rotated during its life off a car and the piston running on an unworn and so unpolished part of the cylinder. If this is the case then it may destroy itself if there is internal ridging. It may be possible to rotate the piston by undoing the locknut at the top (under the rubber cap,) rotating the piston say 180 degrees with a hex key in the top and retightening the nut.

Before condemning the clutch its worth checking ALL the engine mountings including the one under the battery and the one at the back of the engine. The one by the cambelt should have a small rubber each side of it to restrict movement.

Is the cable and all the operating mechanism free or does the thing feel heavier to push down than release - or does it feel sticky if you try and release it then suddenly jerk.

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I think its the bottom engine mount rather than the clutch, Ken diagnosed that when i was at the CCC Wetherby meet, there is quite a bit of oil down there & i think it must have gotten saturated & gone soft.

I've noticed recently since the oil leaks have mostly been sorted, that there is less vibration, so perhpas the mount is begining to stiffen up again????

Did my 1st ever oil & oil filter change, really struggled to get the old filter off, welded on it was. Car seems to be running a bit quieter since ive done this. Amazing how the miles have racked up, so since October last year i have already done 6k.

Strut is still groany, but it isnt as bad as it used to be, a bit of 3in1 oil down the top seems to have helped a bit.

I think i may have to bite the bullet & just buy a new one, in which case i may as well get both done. I think the rear arms are leaning as well, so i will need to do that as well. It all bleedin adds up doesnt it???

Still returning on average about 500 miles for 50litres which isnt bad for an old diesel, so i guess what i save on fuel, i have to spend on parts :cry: