How to clean Hydraulic Filters

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How to clean Hydraulic Filters

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Noticed Charlies post Re heavy steering, at the back end of September and noticed he mentioned that there are filters on the hydraulic system.

As my 16v takes a while to rise and also has slightly heavy steering i was thinking it might be time to find out where they are and what i should do to them when i find them!

Much appreciated and learning quickly

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Cleaning the filters is best done when the LHM is changed. Most of the filters are in the top of the reservoir - plastic gauze types that should be washed in petrol (Citroen recommendation) and there are a couple in the flow divider under the inlet and outlet pipes. These are often broken (my own theory is revving a cold engine) and can be removed by undoing the hex plug under the pipe.

I have a black-painted FDV which doesn't have these filters - and merely has a cone with holes in it. Apparently its unique but it works!

In reality its probably your pump which is the problem - they wear out eventually and the only real solution is a reconditioned one.