Dashboard and aircon removal...

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Dashboard and aircon removal...

Post by cavmad »

...can someone please tell me where all the bolts or screws are to remove the dashboard on a BX please? I have the clocks out already but it`s the entire dash I need to get out now as well as the aircon system. I`m not exactly sure where abouts under the bonnet the aircon parts are and whether it should be de-gassed or de-pressured first and whether theres any pipes which need to remain with it.
Any help gratefully received, thanks in advance.
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Post by docchevron »

Er, right, it's easier to do than explain!

The heater control fascia needs to come off. If you pull the control wheels off you'll see two screws, undo them. Then the directional vents need to come off (all 4 of them). In the sides of the middle vent holes theres two metal spring clips that need levering gently outwards and the panel will be extractable!
Then the heater control module will need to come out. 4 screws, it's a bit fiddly to extricate but there should be enough room to get acess to the rear of the unit to pop the clips off that hold the cables on. The cable that is attached to the air directional wheel can be a bit of swine to get off...

with the centre consol (the bit round the gearstick) You'll see two plates that are bolted to the dash and the floor (10MM bolts), remove them. Theres two more 10MM bolts that secure the dash to the steering coloumn, and theres two screws behind the ashtray and "door open light unit".
In each lower corner of the dash (inside the car) theres a 10MM bolt. feel around the very bottom of the dash and you'll find thm.
Then pop the bonnet abd look up into the bulkhead / scuttle (just under the windscreen in each corner) and theres two more10MM bolts. remove them and dash is free to move! Theres alot of wiring attached to with zip clips that will need chopping.

If the dash feels reluctant to move you may have to remove the two outer vent housings (each one has 4 plastic clips that need pressing in and then should pop out.

I'll leave the air-con bit to someone thats done it since I aint yet....

Hope this helps a bit...

Chris G
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Post by DLM »

Original BX Aircon needs to be depressurised professionally. Reason? It was originally specified with the older, "unfriendly" type of refridgerant no longer in use. It's illegal to vent such a system direct to the atmosphere.

There should be oodles on the aircon subject on the French Car Club Forum: it's a subject that's been gone into in great details by a fully-qualified refrigerant engineer and by various technically-minded bods in the BX community.

In essence, I'd say look long and hard before you leap. Dashboards are trivial by comparison (but a job that needs to be tackled methodically), but they don't take kindly to any rough treatment or attempts at shortcuts. If removing aircon-specific components you will in time want all of the heater assembly under the centre of the dash (an extremely big lump) as well as bothe the fans under the scuttle.

Patience and preparation, in reverse order to the yay I've listed them.
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Post by cavmad »

Thankyou chaps, much appreciated.
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Post by Way2go »

I'm told by every company who's quoted me for aircon recharge (&12 to 134a) that the pipes can fracture when you try to split the joints (re: the green 'o'rings) & thats why the rechargers dont replace but use inhibitor instead. They are fragile apparently because it is aluminium stuck to steel.
So possibly needs careful but risky separations.
Strangely I have not seen our members highlight this supposedly high risk in their postings relating to the green 'o' rings. :?
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