fitting gti wheels to estate

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fitting gti wheels to estate

Post by mrmrwray »

how easy would it be to modify the rear wheel arches on my bx 19d estate to fit the 16v alloys i have? The current tyres are all 175/70(i think) r14 and the 16v are 195/60 r14, the extra width means they seem to rub on the wheel arch pf the body work. (they didnt rub on the wheel arch of the 1.7d hatch).

The front ones fit fine and are on.
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Post by Kitch »

Do you mean the 16v ones or the GTi ones? The 16v ones are widest and if the tyres are ditchfinder general spec, then they're usually really chubby on the sidewall, giving you rubbage.
We fitted 16v rims with 195/60/14 Bridgestone Potenza's, which comparitively have fairly flat side walls, and the lip on the inside of the rear arch had to be flattened with a suitable device (hammer).
We had to pull the arch out ever so slightly too, but you'd never tell to look at it.
I was amazed at the transformation on the move though! So much more stable in all conditions and far better grip in corners. And being silver/black it wore the ph2 16v rims well. :D

GTi alloys are slightly narrower, so might fit slightly easier.
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Post by docchevron »

As Kitch said, the arch's need slight modification but it only takes a few minutes and well worth it. Not only do SL311 6J speedlines look fantastic the difference in handling (so long as you're not running £30 crap tyres) is unbelieveable!
Our whole fleet of BX's run 6J's, wouldn't consider anything else!

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Post by mrmrwray »

I think they are michelin energies, and i'm fairly certain they are 16v alloys. I had only just mot'd and the previous bx and bought all 4 tyres when i managed to seize the engine (cyl head gasget)
And you are right when you say i will notice a difference in handling. On the previous bx it made a wopping difference, hence why i want to put them on the estate.
The front ones have already sorted out one problem. the steering was pulling to the right but isn't any longer! They should ban cheap tyres!!

I think i am going to try some modding! I'd be very grateful for some tips on the best way to do it without causing visible damage. I tend to be better with lump hammers than toffee hammers if you know what i mean!
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Post by cavmad »

Modification schmodification! I`ve got wide alloys on my estate me old tater and they`re fine. Well, they`re fine now, they did rub a bit but it soon stopped and there`s no marks on the tyres or signs of damage either. They did fail the MOT though due to width/rubbing and the handling is definately worse so you may be best to stick to steels and trims or the narrowest available alloys you can find.
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

As long as the rear arm bearings are in good order the speedlines should fit with no modification, they are a tight fit though and the rears are blighters to line up the stud holes unless you use a dummy stud.
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Post by talbotsteve »

l have zx 16v 15x6 on mine with 195/55/15 tyres only pulled the arches slightly and once the suspension is up there is no rubbage at all though it is a little close,