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docchevron1472 wrote:
BX Bandit wrote: You do need a crash helmet minimum though....
Wheres the risk in that! :D

Hows this for a thought.... naked motorsport hosted by Vickie Butler-Henderson........ [-o<

Chris G
Mmmm, I thought the idea was NOT to crash :roll: with the likes VB-H and Abi Titmore in the nuddy I suspect a few Valvers may be limping home (unlike the rest of us!). Anyhoo, better put the birds in cars with leather seats :wink:
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BX Bandit wrote:better put the birds in cars with leather seats :wink:
My valver has leather seats! :D :D :D :D :D :D :roll:

Chris G
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Well, fair play to the GTi. Had made a few short local journeys in it and being honest wasn`t impressed. Just seemed to be one of those cars that I didn`t feel any `connection` with. Until today that is. Just been on a 60 odd mile round trip to meet Brian (who bought Kitch`s 16V) near the M6 by Stoke-on-Trent and gave it an Italian tune up on the way. I couldn`t believe the torque of the thing and how willing it was to pull away from any speed in any gear.
Icing on the cake? Some smart arse in a newish (`98/99?) 525TD Beemer who was straddling both lanes approaching about 3 roundabouts. On the last one it goes from single lane to two lanes just after the roundabout. I deliberately held back a bit then went for it. Alas he was just far enough ahead to overtake the car in the left hand lane and then he went for it (with much smoke coming from his exhaust). I`d just come on song as I got behind him and he was thrashing the nuts off his car to pull away. kept a safe enough distance to be able to brake in case he played funny b*ggers then he made the mistake of pulling into the left hand lane and really winding his car up. I kid you not I went past him like he was stood still and he wasn`t best pleased. Not one bit was he pleased!
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cavmad wrote: I kid you not I went past him like he was stood still and he wasn`t best pleased. Not one bit was he pleased!
:lol: Yeah, that always makes us smile at the surprise that our cars can respond like that! :lol:
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:lol: :lol: :lol: 8) 8) :wink:

stupid beamer drivers!! lol i remember my old bx gti i bought it for the interior as i was 17 so insurance was stupid and mot short with cracked screen but i was so impressed with the acceloration and driving ability i kept it for 4 months till it failed mot on screen back box and a few pipes. so i took the spoiler off interior out and slapped them in my 1.4 (16v replica)
but well impressed :wink: there is just something about when you put the boot down the back end hits the road and it rockets forward! 8) oooooh getting excited, cant wait to get my 16v on the road for the first real full working run.:twisted:

cheers rossco
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