Comfort Spheres - FYI

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Comfort Spheres - FYI

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After some chasing around I have managed to source some comfort spheres for both BX and X*ntia. AEP in Glasgow : supply spheres from I.F.H.S. (Belgium I think) who also make comfort spheres. The comfort spheres are not held in stock by either AEP or I.F.H.S and are made to order. However, AEP place periodic bulk orders and so if comfort spheres were required, AEP's next bulk order is in January 2007. So, if you want comfort spheres, contact Paul at AEP at the beginning of Jan, and you'll get a nice comfortable pair of green balls!!!!

- for the BX : front spheres : BX VA COMF
rear spheres : BX HA COMF

- for the X*NTIA : front spheres : XA VA COMF HT
rear spheres : XA HA COMF HT

Please note that spheres for X*ntia are for Hydractive II.

I asked about differences between comfort and standard spheres. AEP were not precise but mentioned differences in pressure and size (volume??).
So if anyone wants some - now you can get them :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:
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