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BX Bandit wrote:The V6 was some sort of joint arrangement between Ford & Citroen and is the same lump thats in the Discovery and I think Jags.

Didn't know about a V8 that a diesel V8? Cool!!

On the C4 - I like the Coupe - think its great. A couple of the Mums doing the school run have em', a VTR and a VTS. The VTS has a baby walker type rear spoiler which looks cr*p but overall the car looks brill. The 'other' one (5 door??) does look very much like a Focus and is alot more bland. As for the C6, I want to love it, I really do but I'm not convinced and think its on the ugly side. Personally, when considering the BX, Xantia and XM, even the Xsara ,the facelift versions always seem alot better looking, so maybe a facelift C6 will appeal to me. I would of course have a C6 over any other car of its size but I wouldn't pay that amount of money for any car. I'm concerned it will be a flop - Citroens (esp ones with green blood) have a fairly loyal customer base but not a huge one.
BX Bandit,

I couldn't agree with you more!

I quite like the C4 Coupe, however the 5 door is very bland. I too want to like the C6 but it doesn't do it for me. I'll wait for the facelift that always made me like the new BX, Xantia, XM & Xsara. Hopefully it will make me like the C6 one day.

Unfortuntely the facelift for the C5 hasn't done anything for me so we'll just have to wait and see.

So me the C5 and C6 are geting to look a bit too "robotic" and not have clean, sharp lines which is what I prefer and subsequently why I love the BX.

Ahh well....Looks like i'll have to die before the BX cause I couldn't have anything else.

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I think I might be alone on this one but I do like the C5 facelift. People may think its ugly, personally I like it quite alot but at least it's not bland like the pre-facelift, Gordon Bennet its dull.

We shall get a Shooting Break 170hp diesel in about 4 - 5 years (as long as the Xantia keeps going that long). It's twixt that or the Honda Accord Estate for me but I think the C5 will win. My only other consideration would be an XM Hatch with either 2.0 CT or 2.1TD (depending on how frugal I'm feeling) but it needs to be a goodun (or I need to make it a goodun :shock: :x bye bye cash... :( )
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Bxaholic wrote:
jeremy wrote:The so called 'Ford' V6 diesel is actually a Peugeot engine.
The V6 petrol engine in them I thought was Ford, wasn't aware Ford had anything to do with the diesel C6. Apparently the new Mondeo coming out next year will also have the same diesel lump as the C6.
The Petrol V6 is the Same unit as in the C5 IIRC. Also used in Renault Vel Satis, Peugeot 607 etc. Not a Ford engine.

The diesel is a PSA unit again, but also used in Jag's and some Land Rovers. Obviously Ford own Jaguar, but don;t know if Ford actually use the engine in a Ford badged car or not. I know the 1.4 and 1.6 HDI engines are used in Fiestas, Fusions and Focus'.
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jeremy wrote:Glancing idly through Autotrader on the net I was staggered at the enormous prices being asked for Nissan Pulsar GTi - seems there is even a 4 x 4. Does anyone know what is special about them?

I'm talking about £4000 or more for K or L reg with highish mileages. (over 50,000 - so nothing remarkable or 'nearly new') ... n_pr=3000&
If it is a GTi-R then it was Nissan's answer to the Lancia Delta Integrale and Ford Escort Cosworth. Apparently they are quick and capable, easily tunable and popular with boy racers.
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