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I dont tend to do that myself, as it makes it more than likely some prat will clip your sticking out wheel (because they havent noticed it).

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could have been a lot worse like a lot of people have said!
good mate of mine did the same in 'big w' car park in his 205! came out to find it fully impaled into a fiesta! according to the carpark attendant it wasnt happy with just the one smack as it bounced back and came in for a second go!!! poor chap was mortified when he came out ! although the fiesta was a mess before and turned out to have no tax etc!!

i was taught by my instructer when i passed (1995) to leave the car ingear when parking just incase! so have always done it! normally 2nd though as its a bit more obvious when you get in loL! although the wife never left hers ingear so after i had driven it she used to moan when she tried to start it without checking!!

After all I AM CORNISH!!!!


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I also have always left it in gear + handbrake, but for some unknown reason I didn't once and it rolled as explained in previous post, since that day it has got me double checking when parking up.
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Cornishbx16v wrote:although the wife never left hers ingear so after i had driven it she used to moan when she tried to start it without checking!!
Opposite problem (no longer though as she is now ex) that I went to start after she was in it and car jumps forward. Don't think to check 'cos never leave it in gear myself even on manuals. :roll:
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Hi , interesting topic about handbrakes and explains why my BX rolled foreward . I`d parked in a steep road in Angouleme France and when I came back it was sitting on the car in front , of course tha suspension had dropped over the 3 hours and it sat there under the other cars bumper against the spoiler , I had applied the handbrake hard , so I lowered the suspension lever before backing off with some Frenchies looking on and there was no damage . Up until today reading this a little late I`d never really understood why it rolled , only I knew the handbrake needed adjustment which I did the day after . Are there any more little querks like starting it`s self up after cooling down because it was boored or missed me.