16v front roll bar migrating

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16v front roll bar migrating

Post by IanS »

The front roll bar on my 16v is slowly moving to the left until now the R/H end is rubbing on the bottom radiator hose which can only end in tears.

How difficult is it to re-locate the roll bar so that it is central?


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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

The wheelarch plastic shield should keep the bottom hose away from things under there, without it the hose usually gets close to the droplink. sounds strange that the whole anti roll bar should move though?
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Post by Kitch »

It shouldn't move. The height corrector is connected to it, so it might bend some of the linkage rods. Or re-adjust the height itself....not good.

So the whole bar is moving? What positions are the droplinks in after its shifted a bit?
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Post by IanS »

As I said on the R/H side, the end of the roll bar is at times rubbing on the bottom radiator hose, Generally, there is about 1/2" clearance. On the left hand side there is about 1 1/2" clearance.

I aggree it shouldnt moove, but it doesnt seem to be in the right spot.
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Post by Cornishbx16v »

it is quite a common problem ont he 16v to have the bottom rad hose rub ont he arb! mine did it and i have repaired it with the steel insert that used on all pug models (inc mi16!!) which semi rectifies the problem! can also be sorted by undoing the jubilee clip on the engine side of the hose and twisting the hose upwards a bit to lift it away from the arb!
the wheelarch cover does have the little hose guide thing on it but it doesnt really help hold the pipe away fromt he arb that much! (i ma not running my arch cover at the mo as i lost the plastic retaining lugs when i did the cambelt!)

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Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hello I read about this many years ago it seems that it was something that was well known about, the cure was a clip (like a hose clip) positioned on the arb to stop it sliding accross. Having said that mine tried to attack the hose and I believe the same happens with Doc's car. Either a metal insert or a sacrificial rubber tube over the top and/or a change of position of the hose I guess, thanks for the reminder must go and have a look.
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Post by docchevron »

Yep, it's fairly common on all BX's.
Push it back into position (may require some effort!) and clamp it either side with hefty jubilee clips, problem solved!

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Post by thanuttiscotsman »

hi there,
i noticed my water pipe was getting rubbed down a bit so i got more rubber tubing cut it down the middle and put it over the worn part of the pipe and secured it in place so it now rubs on the double thick pipe. my cars fault is the track rod end is worn.

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Post by roscoe »

The front ARB does tend to move on some 16Vs for some reason - heard of a few over here that did it - and the one on my parts car was definitely over to the right side when I pulled it out. As Geoffrey mentioned, put a steel hose clamp around it against the mounts (after you get it back in position with a little gentle persuasion) and that should stop it moving. I never notices any problems with my bottom rad hose on my 16V - it was well away from the ARB and drop links - tywraps work well to hold things in place 8)
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