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Slick additive is a suspension of Teflon? in a carrier. The problem is that the particles suspended have a size. Your engine has a high pressure lubrication system which forces oil through galleries into the main and big end bearings where it forms a minute film and keeps the metal surfaces apart.

Bearing in mind that a 16 valve (and BX TD for that matter) runs continuously at about 60 psi you will see that the system is eminently suited to its job and as we all know - lasts extremely well.

The problem of introducing particles is that they may get trapped around the oul passages in the bearings - where they build up - and build up - until - they cut off the oil flow with disasterous results.

Gearboxes are rather different and generally are lubricated by splash and the pumping action of the gears which means that the lubrication system isn't quite as delicate.

Some boxes do have pumps (Rover SD1 and its derivatives, Jaguar's own 60'70's all synchro to name a couple) and I'd think twice before using one in them. As far as I know the BE series don't have pumps.

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I'm ideologically opposed to additives (Discounting a little spring water on Cask Strength Laphroig of course,) but AlanS once advised the use of Nulon in a CX with a very tight shift that got worse as it got more miles on it. The improvement was just short of miraculous and I subsequently drove it non stop from Amsterdam to Rennes without any trouble.

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£6.99 for 5 litres of Comma Dexron 11 at my local trade centre.
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