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Gareth Wales
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Well, this it guys; the post I thought I'd never write; the future without a BX! I've had one since they first came to Britain. And as time went by, they became very special: style in a jelly-mould world. But it's this Club that I've enjoyed so much. . Not only the incredible resource of knowledge and hands-on help, given so generously but the degree of madness which only comes from naturally bright people. Hence the BX. .
But the years take their toll on an aching back. It's gotten easier to crawl under the car then get out again. Being watched by the baleful eyes of a seemingly million mountain sheep hasn't helped either. But I've one huge, almost over-riding compensation. MyTzd is going to the enthusiastic hands of Capri (and Kitch) , so my club membership remains, if that's Ok with y'all. Thanks, cheers, and all the best. Gareth
PS anyone got a lift to Stratford ?

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So long and thanks for all the fish Gareth. A read back through your postings will show anybody what a wrench it must have been to part with the car.
Thanks and salutations to you from this grateful BXer.
Vive les UX.

tim leech

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Gareth we understand mate, we forget that some of the members on this forum arent all young nutters and a higher driving position is beneficial.

I have no doubt that you will be offered a life to Stratford :D

Stewart (oily!)
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1K Away
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Gareth, you can visit my BX any time you are passing mate :wink:
In fact in view of the generally clean and shiny condition of yours how would it be if mine spent a few weeks hoidaying with you? will keep in touch.
Very best regards
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Philip Chidlow
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The very best of luck mate. Let's hope every time you see a BX reminds tyou of us! :D
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And I can guarantee that the car's going to be given the best care I can give throughout the course of my ownership. I wouldn't dream of being the one to destroy Gareth's hard work. I have to say a massive thanks to Gareth for agreeing to part with the car - he's given me the chance to own possibly the nicest TZD my budget could hope to afford. You'll all remember the white car I was considering on eBay - this is simply a quantum leap beyond that in terms of condition and provenance. I've promised Gareth that I'll be keeping him in the know with pictures and updates on the car, so he'll still have access to his baby to see how she's getting on. Indeed, Gareth, if I was going to be in the UK for the Stratford meet, I'd have no hesitation in offering you a lift myself - sadly, though I'll be away between July and October, which will make that impossible if the meet is in September!

The current plan is for her to see me through a few months as a daily driver and then to be rewarded with a long schlep to the South of France, where she can bask in sunnier climes for a few months and serve as my personal transport in her native land. I then intend to bring her home and keep her on as my daily driver when I go out into the world of work and finally start to clear all that lovely debt I've built up at uni! Oh, and fear not - I shan't be driving this one through anything deeper than a puddle! :lol:
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Aaaah, a happy ending! I come camping in Snowdonia Gareth so next time I'm up I'll drop you a pm and we'll share a beer...you can even drive my BX for old times sake if you like! Are you anywhere near Bryn Gloch?

Take care and glad you're staying on the forum. :wink:
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