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Best not to mention the blood sucker then? :lol:
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I am still here I keep popping in and checking on you all even though i dont have a BX.
:D :D
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Philip chidlow wrote:
Kitch wrote:...another road called "Chilsdown Way" and it always makes me think of Phil Chidlow, cos it kinda sounds the same.
Oh, I see. :D Now everytime I go into the kitchen, I'll think of you! :lol:
What do you mean "now"?
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Well, I didn't before. Anyway this is getting silly :lol:

Worst thing about my name is lots of times I get called Childlow, Shedlow :? Chidwell.. but worst of all (a direct mail) Sh*tlow. Nice :roll:
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Guilty here too... It's just been too depressing coming in here at a time when I can't afford to drive :(