Dangers of living so far away

Anything about BXs
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Dangers of living so far away

Post by kiwi »

Its hard enough to find a BX in my neck of New Zealand so when you see one on Trade Me thats up in the big smoke of Auckland its not a easy pick up. The One I got was a marathon Day trip to Auckland :lol:

I saw the perfect spare parts donor on Trade me a 1992 BX19 model unspecified which had identical paint (white)and exterior trim of the 19TZS. Only differance was White Quarterlight panels.
The owner said after 11 years had to go due to Headgasket failure so I borrowed a car trailer. Thinking of the parts value on it being above the bid of $300 (37p to $1) they were asking so offered them $500 cash :wink:

Thought that would seal the deal so said would be right up like as long as it takes from Home to Auckland (4 hours open road), planned to stay with my brother overnight to aviod travelling at night.

Anyways 2 hours into my journey gets a cellphone call from my wife saying the seller had rung and had a better offer had been made and the person was picking it up in a hour :twisted:

I was @#$%ing swearing and cursing no way could I make it in 1 hour I rang back the seller who was unrepentant in there decision. What can you say to that other than W@#$%^&.

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Post by Terry Brooks »

:twisted: Bugger :twisted: ..........it's a bit too far to drive one night and "brick" his windows through :evil: .........aint it :?:
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Post by stuart_hedges »

Wow Kiwi.

So many cultural expectations in that post that I don't even know where to begin!

I would never even begin to cover the distance that you did to pick up that BX.

But.... I would collect a BX from anywhere in London. And from here to the other side of London could take anything from two to six hours depending on traffic so time is another matter!

Actually, knowing people generally, I'm left thinking that the seller was pretty kind in contacting you.....

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Post by AlanS »

I suppose that's one of the advantages of living this side of the pond.
Anybody with a Citroen is usually so happy to get a buyer they don't screw them around too much.
Most of my cars have been bought from Sydney 1300+ klms away and that means of late, a taxi ride to the bus stop around 3am, a bus ride to the station about 4ish a train that arrives around 6 a train ride for 3 1/2 - 4 hours, an interconnecting bus ride to get to the airport around 11. A trip too Sydney by air making it around 1pm by the time you get clear of the airport followed by a taxi ride with a driver who can neither speak Engrish or can read a road map who takes you for a scenic tour around the suburbs until you threaten to snot him and then decides to turn at the next corner (that you've already passed 6 times) and your destination is 200 metres down the road, by which time it's around 3pm.
A drive back through Sydney peak hour traffic, a death defying feat in its own right, followed by a 5 hour trip through bush roads riddled with kangaroos, stray cattle and various other forms of wildlife to my sister in laws. Stay overnight, hit the road around 8am and arrive home around sundown.
That may sound a bit hairy, but think of the guy who recently drove the same route with a car trailer on the back to collect a non running traction.
I usually always make certain I have signed sealed and tied up the deal before I leave home though, even if it means transferring the cash as a direct deposit and getting someone, anyone to either collect the car and get it out of temptations way or have it delivered to somewhere apart from the vendors place.

Alan S
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