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Anything about BXs
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Is there really a bird in The BX Monastery or is someone having a laugh?
See what great works of art have been inspired by Marty's dilemma though! :D

this yellow writing is really hard to read

tim leech

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Marty wrote:Tim -got the 40page 1989 Range brochure - Thanks (my gods the 1.7TGD is a povvy spec car) - scanner warming up....

Jon - the 1992 Range brochure is on its way in several (large) emails.

Mike - The caravan goes on Sunday and the large Caravan shaped hole will be filled shortly.... :wink:

All - gonads now removed and hidden for safekeeping....

Power steerings for the weak marty!

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Oh c'mon Mrs R. Let Marty have his new toys.

At least while he's under the thing, you'll know exactly where he is and what he's up to. :lol:


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LOL :lol:

I wouldnt worry Jon shes not upset, though I may not be able to overnight at yours!