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Anything about BXs

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Just an idea, if you don't fancy blasting away with a jet wash under your bonnet!
Use a good degreaser first, then use one of those 3 or 4 litre Pressure Sprayers that you can get for spraying weedkiller etc. The extension lance can be very handy for getting into those awkward places, such as round the back of the block, or down below the dizzy. A lot less chance of soaking your electrics with one of them!

I only recently discovered how useful this is, after many years of jetwashing at the petrol station. One tip though......try to position the car where any dislodged shite and oily water will easily run away down a drain! First time I did it, a neighbour from 3 doors down complained that her "little Johnny" had got oil all over his new trainers, from my car!! :oops:

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Good idea about lots of engine degreaser and pressure sprayer etc. Cheers for the tip.