noisy front end

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noisy front end

Post by B-Hive »

Whilst I'm in the mood of posting..

My front suspension is very noisy/clunky. Can anyone give me the heads up on what this generally indicates ? Do the front spheres need replacing ...or is it the subframe/bushes ?????? (out of my depth here.. :roll: ).. the front does seems a tiny bit firm (sometimes), almost like a normally sprung car with bad shocks.. suspension travel is there but not with usual cit softness..
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Post by AndersDK »

The droplinks are always the first point to check ... :wink:
They are easy to replace.

Your suspension spheres my be low on gas pressure. Then they still have travel when you press down for testing, but the car feels hard/bump during drive.
When spheres are good, you should have no problems travelling over speedbumps while keeping speed not bottoming out in the suspension.
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Post by docchevron »

Check the bottom ball joints too.
Wish bone bushes can and do fail, and tend to give quite a distinct knock, and can effect the steering if they are really bad.

EDIT: Ah, I see you have a Mk1, so the wishbone bolts run through bearings, they could be FUBAR....
Bit of a pig to change aswell if they've never been out before.
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