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this yellow writing is really hard to read

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Aside from the garish graphics, I think the red BX looks great....The monstrosity above, however, is another thing altogether! :shock:
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Bloody hell!
Somebody clearly had ALOT of Polyfilla left over when re-doing the Kitchen!
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Erm, aside from the front bumper (too big) the graphics and the stupid rear spoiler I like that, really I do. Headlights rock and seem to set the rest of the car of. Quite impressed as it goes.
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DavidRutherford wrote:
Marty wrote:I like it


If so, then there's plenty more you'll possibly like here

(and I hate every single one of them)
Sorry, but I want to kill the person who 'created' that white 190E and smash that abomination to pieces. What a God awful heap of sh*te that is.
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I think that i've come around (slightly).

There's two small bits that I like on the initial picture in this thread.

The headlights look good IMHO and I admire the guards for the part that is shaped around the headlight. Very well done. It's smooth and the headlights look like they were meant to be there.

The bumper is a monstrosity, the bonnet with that stupid scoop is...well....stupid and those mirrors....umm...well I have to contain myself here....are Sh!t. As for the rear wing up top, it's just idiotic and cutting out the rear arches has, as Tim mentioned, killed off it's design cue.

The wheels could be worse but the decals and interior are disasterous!
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If you want to see what CITROEN themselves did to the BX search images on the web type in CITROEN BX 4TC MONTE CARLO RALLY1986.

And see for yourselves :shock:

Personally i think the red BX at the begining of this topic looks like a dogs breakfast just after its passed through the dog!

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