Time to do repairs

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Time to do repairs

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Yesterday the BX let me down and I had to call out the AA :shock:

What happened was after ebjoying a rather warm day on the mountain sking in T-Shirt conditions 8) and teaching my Daughter how to ski. Went back to the car and wifey says the key wont go in the ignition :?
Any yup it would not go in no matter how much fiddling. Anyways 1 hour 6 minutes later AA turns up. Kind of forgave him the 6 minutes knowing where he came from, like next door from home :lol:

Well he managed to get the car in with a lot of WD40, starts the car a blow me the starter motor shows in faulure signs again. The embarrsement of it all is guys I used to work with giving me stick, the garage that attended is also a senior firefighter in our brigade what more could I want :oops:

Well got home takes key out of ignition and aghhhhhhhhh....damn thing would not go back in.

So today rather than go for a well deserved ski ended up pulling out the ignition barrel and changing door locks out of the spare BX. Now I knew a good reason for the spare :lol: Next out is the Starter motor so for $180NZ this donor car has pretty pretty good salvage.

Once everything is off I need then the plan is to use it for Fire Brigade Training :twisted:

Oh and my former work mate got his come uppens later than evening when he was seen pushing his car to the Petrol station out of fuel :lol: :lol: :lol:

So last week I took the rip out of a ski patroller for his car sliding on Black ice in the carpark and locked my keys in my car helping him :oops:

See a pattern here? Never take the piss out of someone elses misfortune :P
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