Dodgy engine mounting position

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Dodgy engine mounting position

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I noticed the coverings for the timing belt were looking very tight, almost bent.

The timing belt is ALMOST touching the engine mounting at the top of the engine, not even a mm gap

There is a bolt which goes from the timing belt housing, direct into the cylinder head. I dont know the EXACT 'M'number bolt his was, I dont want to force it, as the head is soft alloy, and I dont want to tear the threads, does anyone know the exact thread, length and alginment for this bolt, how important is it?

The knob that the timing belt coverings fit onto (next to the tesioner), was very loose, unscrewed in half a turn and came out, the very tip was sheared off. . . does that help hold the engine block at the right position to the mount?

The mounting which holds a tube related to the turbo, a 90degree gold alloy bit connected from the engine mounting through the timing belt covering, was not connected. . . It doesent seem to affect the mounting position.
The treads seem a bit buggered, it dosent tighten, but it looks like I can fit a through bolt.

I jacked up the engine from below, and the gap widens between the belt and mounting, what other bolts/brackets hold the engine in the correct place??
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