Leaking cooler?

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Leaking cooler?

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Somewhere . . . there is coolant escaping. last week I traced the leak to a small gasket just behind the injector, 2 bolts hold on a mounting for the intercooler, they were not on properly, and rusy water was escaping.

That fixed, and a new 1bar cap fitted (cost me 8 quid from citroen! couldn't get one anywhere else), all of a sudden cooler warning light comes on, when I checked I was almost 2 litres down. so where did the water go?!

This evening I noticed what I first thought was smoke in the beam of the left hand headlamp, then I realized that it was steam.

Has anyoe ever experieced a leak over that area?

Where are the suspect hoses to check, is this a common fault?
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See my many threads on the cooling problems I have had :lol:

When you say left hand headlamp do you mean passenger or drivers side? I get confused with this when people are either sitting in or facing the cars because left is right :roll:

If its the drivers side then that could be steam escaping from the radiator cap caused by the pressure pushing it out.

If its the Passenger side then look at the jubilee clip holding the radiator to Thermostat pipe. Now thanks to Alans post in "Rough Running" that pipe could also be your cause.

Problem has been driving me nuts for the last 12 months short trips coolant light comes on after a couple of trips or after a long trip.

Worst case scenario is the headgasket has gone but I stress worst case scenarion look for those leaks first and replace that pipe.
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