a tale of a bx towbar

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a tale of a bx towbar

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been off the internet for a while thanks to virgin but all sorted now so....

cavmad kindly gave me a towbar for the bx and it made its way down via other good and great people of this site

got it home and remember that bloke who said sh$t happens, well he was right

bloody towbar didnt fit, the bolt holes underneath were ok but the towball only just poked out next to the bumper. now this is only two days before im set to go to france and have got three bikes to carry and have just brought a towbar mounted bike carrier

can only think that it was made for a mark 1 and mine is mark 2 but im now thinkin sh$t sh$t and double sh$t

ive always moaned that ive got nowhere to work on my bx other then on the street in front of the house, but it just shows you cause, i was sitting on the doorstep scratching me head and wondering what to do when bloke from a few doors down appears.

we get chatting and reckon its about 8 inches too short and with this hes on to his phone to a mate at work who says he'll do it next day. and for nothing!!!!

he then takes the towbar and it reappears the evening before i go with a new, longer shaft welded on. didnt even have time to wire it in but it carried the bikes perfect

the colour is....
guiness white..........

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tow bar

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Glad to read that you got your tow bar problem solved but if anyone else is looking for a tow bar try contacting (capri)
Look himup in the members list he is in southampton and he has a witter type tow bar for a hatch back which he want to sell.

Regards Kermit
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