What are we going to do about rare spares?

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Post by Vanny »

get the instructions and supplies from Samco or similar and pattern an original in silicone. Its expensive to do a one off, but theres some good money to make once you have the tooling setup!

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Post by DavidRutherford »

cauchoiskev wrote:I have just seen on the PRNET that top radiator hoses are no longer available for BX diesels.

I wonder what classic car people do to get round this kind of problem ?
You either fit a generic top hose or find something similar enough to be able to twiddle/bend/cut short so that it fits.

The BX is probably one of the last cars that you'll be able to do this with, as more and more manufacturers are using some very strange quick-fit connectors on Water/Oil/Fuel pipes, which means that you won't be able to use any old hose in the future.

Anyone who's changed the top or bottom radiator hose on a 405 1.9TD will know exactly what I'm on about.
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Post by docchevron »

Yep, the bottom hose on a ZX / 306 is the same. Crap idea.

There's plenty of specialist companies that will make any shape hose you want, but they aint cheap, which brings me back to the point I made eleventy billion years ago.
The time will come when it will cost more than the average man will pay to keep a BX alive.
That time is not now, but it will happen.
That said, the government are so hell bent on taxing us off the road it'll probably be illegal to own a car in 20 years.
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Post by paulwitchard »

Its often worth exploring what kit car makers use - on the racing circuit at Castle Combe there is a supplier of kit car parts - Merlin Motor Sport, I think they're called who do all sorts of flexible hoses, brake hoses etc, not cheap not original but if it works who cares. Many suppliers of industrial hoses will make up all sorts of pipes, both flexible and metal, and sometimes at surprisingly low prices as well. Bearing companies will also supply bearings and drivebelts at a fraction of the cost of dealer prices, I can't remember the last time I bought a fan belt from a factor or main dealer.
Soon parts will start turning up at autojumbles - I found some LHD headlights for my RHD BX at one a couple of months ago.
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Post by ellevie »

It would be useful to be able to get the individual rear arm bearings and seals cheaply. If you get them from the GSF, AEP, and Eurocarparts they cost nearly as much as the whole kit. Most of the other bits included in the kits are reusable. If you could get the bearings and seals for under £10 that would be pretty good.

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