Tell us about life with your BX, or indeed life in general!
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Tim Leech
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I always stick to MG ROVER or Citroen, I guess its what I've always had, for what I paid i could of had a vectra/mondeo or even a Passat! I couldnt bring myself to buy a C5 (sorry)

I could use a BX as a daily but they are getting old now and some jobs to require expert hands, I prefer to keep them for "best" my friend runs a 75/ZT specialist and is VERY reasonable on costs but doesn't rush (a bit like our beloved Barry)
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white exec
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Am doing things t'other way round here, Tim, having got my first Rover (a 1935 Ten) in 1965, at age 17.
From then, a few more...
'47 Sixteen, '60 3-Litre P5, and then three P6s - a '66 2000, a '72 2000TC, and the final one (and by far the best) a '75 Lunar Grey 3500S.
Mixed in with those was a '59 Mini, built from a bare body into a TC'd 1300, which ended up automatic... And a Dolomite 1850HL. And a Morris 1300, also auto. Oh, and a 1970 Mini 1000, which caught fire outside Hurstpierpoint fire station :( .

A chance drive of a CX Familiale opened my eyes to Citroen, and my then OH took on a brand new BX16TRS for work. When it came to finding a replacement for a later Cavalier, it had to be a BX, and we found an '89 delage red 19RD in Romford, with just 40k on the clock. The 3500S moved on to a P6 friend at about the same time.

The 19RD took us (and caravan) all over Europe, more than once, and went on to 177k miles. It's successor in 1998 was a brand new 2.5 XM, which we still have. Our best car, ever.

A 2.0 D4D RAV4 (bought to cope with unmade mountain roads and a few riverbeds here), has been capable enough, but never loved, and now needs to go. The daily is now the BX19D Millésime, turning into a delight to drive.