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Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.

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Marty wrote:Sorted someone out only this week with a Hotmail account with regards registering - as I have said before (my email is public) if you want to register and arer having problems email me
As previously said.....

Oh, and I dont care how big a collection of jazz mags you have, dont put porn down as an interest - sure fire way to get binned :twisted:

So has he made sure the wire going to the stop solenoid is sound - that was a problem on mine, kept cutting out on left handers. New wire, connections cleaned, jobbed. Make sure the battery connectors are sound too as that can cause sudden loss of donkey power (as Mr B found out on the worlds buisiest roundabout with Vera).

Other problem (similar) was a ZX with the XUD that also cut out on bends, that was a fuel problem and cured by replacing the pipes to the pump (which were nice an pourus and letting lots of air in - why it only cut out on bends was a mystery but new pipes cured it).

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I have attempted to have dealings with this guy before. I would not try to do so again because IMHO he is an idiot and idiots are not good people to buy cars from.

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tom wrote:I have attempted to have dealings with this guy before. I would not try to do so again because IMHO he is an idiot and idiots are not good people to buy cars from.
Remind me,When are you sellingyour estate?
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Actually, despite my earlier comments, I've just realised who this person is and he's as good as they come in my experience.
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Truth be told, this seller had a 1.9D n/a estate with low miles sitting doing nothing and asked me to offer it to other BX club members (as he couldn't join up) for a measley £50, as he felt it would be a waste to send it to the scrappers without offering to the genuine enthusiasts. He certainly wasn't out to make money, as it would have paid him that in scrap.

No one stepped up.
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If it's as rust free as he says it is, then I'm keen. I think my TD is for the 'cubed'n'east' posse, A pillar rust thats letting water in thro' to the inside :(
Is anyone near this chap and willing to check the car out?
Tom, what were your issues with him?
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Spamgourmet emails bounce - so if you have tried with one of these, try again as they will not register (owing to bouncing so we cant email you to say your active).
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Ended on £112, so potentially a bargain.
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