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Ian_Fearn wrote:Havent really used the 4x4 much yet Billy (its been raining and it doesnt come out in the rain!!)
Tut tut Ian, I`ve heard of (and been accused of being) a fairweather biker but never a fairweather BX 4x4`er!
Too be fair I don`t blame you though, a car as lovely and as rare as yours deserves kid glove treatment.
When the next meeting is arranged, and assuming I can make it, will you be bringing it along as I`d love to see it?
I`m hoping to have another BX myself by then, nothing out of the ordinary but it`s got to be better than my current one.
Mind you, that`s assuming no-one jumps in before me :twisted:
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i'll be at the next BX meeting in it providing it dont break first!
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You cant break it if you drive another BX! (Buy it!)

NEC was cool, I regressed to BBR state again, Pimped Morris Minors and the retro car stand saw me at full oggle! Was a good day although no BX's! If a CX is a modern classic same as the BX then why no BX's? Might post on the CCC forum and ask why! :?

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